These are some of the rarer stories I’ve done over the past few years.  Hope you enjoy them!

Crazy Neighbours (Enlight Media)

Gavin Mitchell and I have been producing one-off short stories for this German stoner anthology since 2013, and it’s been a lot of fun.  (I’ve also done a story with Rory Walker, and also introduced them to Hunt Emerson.)  Crazy Neighbours is mainly sold in head shops in multiple languages across Europe, and actually does very well – it’s been difficult to bring it to the English language market, but we’re hoping this will happen sooner or later.  Here’s a 3-page short story from the latest issue.

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Not One Minute of Silence (Ctrl Alt Shift)

Commissioned by Ctrl Alt Shift for their “Exposing Corruption” anthology, and Illustrated by Warren Pleece, this is the true story of a friend who went to Colombia to record human rights abuses, and becoming witness to a murder.  The story was later translated into Spanish, and was circulated in Colombia.

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Monophobia (Accent UK)

For Accent UK’s “Phobias” anthology, and illustrated by William Volley, this is a short story about the fear of being alone – but with something of a twist.

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Divinity, Existence and Toast (Accent UK)

My favourite of the short stories I’ve produced, this was made for Accent UK’s Robots anthology, and is usually the short story I show people when I want to give examples of my work.

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Spirit of the Apocalypse (Accent UK)

Another story commissioned by Accent UK, this was for their Zombies anthology, and portrays an ordinary man trying to carry on with ordinary life as best he can – during a zombie infestation.

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More-or-less complete published works:

2018 – A New Jerusalem (Myriad Editions / New Internationalist)

2013 – Fight the Power! A Visual History of Protest Among the English-Speaking Peoples (With Sean Michael Wilson, Hunt Emerson, John Spelling and Adam Pasion, New Internationalist / Seven Stories)

2013-2017 – Crazy Neighbours (with Gavin Mitchell, Hunt Emerson and Rory Walker, Enlight Media)
Multiple stories for a counter-culture German humour anthology, from issue 2 onwards

2012-2013 –  Santa Claus vs the Nazis (with Gavin Mitchell, Miroslav Mrva and Owen Watts, Aces Weekly / Markosia Enterprises Ltd.)
Originally serialised in online athology Aces Weekly vols 2,3,6,7, where it’s still available.  A landscape printed edition was released in 2016 from Markosia, and a portrait version in 2017.

2012 – The Lovecraft Anthology, Vol 2  (With Mick McMahon, Self Made Hero)
Short story adaptation: “The Picture in the House”. for Self Made Hero’s HP Lovecraft anthology.

2012 – Who on Earth Was Thaddeus Mist? (with Leonardo M Guiron, Accent UK)
Short story: “The Vagabond Boy”. Created for an experimental anthology graphic novel, edited by  Owen Michael Johnson.

2011-2014 – Slumdroid (with Tony Suleri, Scar Comics)
Published in 4 volumes at 48 pages each.

2009 – Ctrl Alt Shift Unmasks Corruption (with Warren Pleece, Ctrl Alt Shift)
Short story: “Not One Minute of Silence”. For an anthology on the theme of corruption.

2008 – Heavy Metal Magazine (with James McKay)
Short story: “Serum 39”.  Published in the July issue.

2008 – Robots (Accent UK)
Short story: “Divinity, Existence and Toast”.  For an anthology on the theme of robots.

2007- Zombies (Accent UK)
Short story: “Spirit of the Apocalypse”.  For an anthology on the theme of Zombies.

2006 – Monsters (with James McKay, Accent UK)
Short story: “Purity or Nothing”.  For an anthology on the theme of Monsters.

2005 – Falling Sky (Scar Comics)
My first full-length original graphic novel.  It won Ain’t It Cool News’ “Indie Surprise of the Year” award, and later was named one of their best books of the decade.

2004 – Marraquai (with James McKay, Scar Comics)
A 16 page short story, published independently.

2003 – Phobias (with William Volley, Accent UK)
Short Story: “Monophobia”.  For an anthology on the theme of phobias.

Editor, Letterer and/or Designer:

2017 – Bioenergy – A Graphic Introduction (letterer and designer, with James McKay, Supergen Bioenergy Hub et al.)

2016 – A Dream of a Low Carbon Future (editor, letterer and designer, with James McKay, Leeds University)

2013 – The 47 Ronin (letterer/designer, Sean Michael Wilson & Akiko Shimojima, Shambhala)

2013 – Dreams of a Low Carbon Future (editor, letterer & designer, with James McKay, Leeds University)